The festive season is a time of magic and wonder, and what better way to celebrate it than with a Christmas party hosted by the one and only Jingle the Elf at Playhouse Parties? Whether you’re planning a school event, nursery gathering, private party, or a corporate extravaganza, Jingle is here to make your festive celebration unforgettable. With his captivating festive storytelling, enchanting magic tricks, festive games, and a heartwarming Christmas adventure, Jingle promises to save Christmas and create cherished memories for everyone!

Jingle the Elf: Your Host Extraordinaire


Jingle the Elf is a lively, mischievous, and lovable character who is passionate about spreading the joy of the festive season. He’s not just any ordinary elf; he’s a true entertainer with a twinkle in his eye, and he knows how to make your festive party a magical experience for all ages.

Festive Storytelling


Jingle’s storytelling abilities are legendary! He’ll transport you and your guests to a winter wonderland filled with tales of Father Christmas, his hardworking elves, and the mysteries of the North Pole. Jingle’s interactive storytelling will have kids and adults alike captivated, laughing, and believing in the magic of the festive season all over again.

Enchanting Magic


Prepare to be amazed by Jingle’s enchanting magic tricks. His magic isn’t just about pulling rabbits out of hats; it’s about weaving a spellbinding atmosphere that leaves everyone in awe. With a flick of his wand, a sprinkle of festive cheer, and a dash of imagination, Jingle’s magic tricks will leave your guests wondering if they’ve truly witnessed something extraordinary.

Festive Games


Jingle knows that no festive party is complete without some festive games. He’ll organize a variety of fun and engaging activities that will have kids and adults participating, competing, and laughing together. From festive-themed scavenger hunts to Christmas trivia and interactive storytelling games, Jingle ensures that everyone is part of the action.

Tailored to Your Needs


Whether you’re planning a festive party for a school, a nursery, a private gathering, or a corporate event, Playhouse Parties can tailor Jingle’s performance to your specific needs and preferences. From the size of the group to the venue and the duration of the event, Jingle is flexible and ready to make your celebration uniquely special.

This festive season, make your Christmas party a memorable event filled with magic, wonder, and heartwarming moments. Let Jingle the Elf from Playhouse Parties be your host, and watch as he takes you and your guests on a festive adventure like no other. With festive storytelling, enchanting magic, festive games, and a heartwarming mission to save Christmas, your celebration will be the highlight of the season. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring the magic of Jingle and Playhouse Parties to your next festive gathering.

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