Don’t Be Late For The Very Important Date!

Wonderland is in disarray as the Queen of Hearts has had all her Jam Tarts stolen and she isn’t happy! As we travel through Wonderland we have to follow the breadcrumbs (pun intended) of clues to work out exactly – Whodunnit?

Perfect for children aged 7 plus this is a fully themed adventure hosted by either Queen of Hearts, Alice, Mad Hatter or White Rabbit – or all of them if you would like. All of the children will be taken on adventure as we have to solve riddles, work out clues and participate in fun mystery activities to uncover the truth.

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1 hour: £230.00
2 hours: £310.00 (this includes a 30 minute break for food and cake singing)

Party Includes

This package is an action packed party full of physical and cerebral tasks and puzzles that will keep the children engaged throughout. We will have to work together as team to solve the puzzle of Who Stole the Tarts.


Alice In Wonderland