Bustin’ Moves

Hosted by an energetic Dancer the children will participate in a range of fantastic dance and party games and the learn a routine to a song of your choice to perform for the “Parent Paparrazzi”. Perfect for children who love performing and dance, this party is aimed at 7 years plus but can be adapted for a younger audience too.

We will start off with a range of fantastic dance and party games and a dance warm up, all led by our fun and engaging dancer. We will then move on to learning the choreography, which we will have worked out before your party to a song of your choice. We will then teach the children around 1 minute of choreography, going over the routine to make sure that everyone can join in.

Once the dance is ready we will move onto the makeover section with Glitter hairspray and a fantastic range of fun and colourful costumes to choose from the children will be transformed. After a dress rehearsal we will then invite the Parent’s/ Carers to form an audience and the children will perform their dance routine. If you are lucky – you might even get an encore!!!

This package is a fantastic, high energy and grown-up party option that will have the children strutting their stuff and creating memories for your child and their friends. Who knows when and where they will be able to bust out their moves – next time they hear the song.

We would love to discuss your party further and answer any questions you may have – you can contact us here