With the massive (and well deserved) success of “The Greatest Showman” the interest in the circus parties has increased; in particular our Circus skills party is wowing children and adults alike with it’s fantastic blend of showmanship, comedy and a chance to learn some new skills. Check out The Greatest Showman trailer below!

We can offer party packages that would enable the children to explore various Circus skills throughout the party, mixed in with a fantastic range of circus games and magic – this package is perfect for children aged 4-7 years.

Throughout the party we look at a range of skills, such as Plate spinning, Juggling, Hula Hoop and Pedal-go. What I love about this party is, when we begin the Circus workshop it is only the children participating but by the end you have Dads, Mums, Grandparents, Carers and entire families all helping each other and trying out some new skills together and it is very magical to see – even if a few of the Dads get a bit competitive!

Mixing in a short and focused workshop with some more familiar party elements – such as party games and magic. Gives the children a taster of something new – which may extend long after the party has finished.

Our party package is hosted by our very own Ringmaster – full of energy, story-telling and comedy. This gives the whole party the feel of the Big Top and all the glamour and glitz of the Circus.

For more information about this package or to enquire about your own party, please do get in touch: info@playhouseparties.co.uk.


The Playhouse Team x

ps -Jackman’s good… but you’re probably better!

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