Here at Playhouse – we never need an excuse for a party, we love them and thanks to our American cousins – Halloween parties are rising in popularity year on year. This year, instead of trick or treating why not throw an actual party based on Halloween – you can even use the theme for a special birthday or event at this time of year. This blog will look at why Halloween themed parties are perfect for this time of year and can be enjoyed by all ages!

Halloween party entertainment:

Always the starting point for a great party – you need the right entertainment for your guests to enjoy and Halloween has some real treats in store when it comes to games and activities. You can “bob for apples” or put a modern twist on a classic game and play “pin the nose on the Witch”. For the more adventurous (and active) party guests why not teach yourself and perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – always a fantasticly wicked way to spend the evening. If you don’t mind a bit of mess then “Mummy wrap” is the perfect game for you. In teams, armed with rolls of toilet paper, you have 1 song to wrap a team member from head to toe – the best “Mummy” wins! This time of year is fantastic for it’s large range of characters/ costumes you can be/ wear, you have: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Black cats, Zombies, Ghost, Devil, Pumpkin, Spider and Mad Scientist.

Halloween party music:

No “tricks” with this one, Halloween is such an amazing time of year for music (only beaten by Christmas music – in my opinion) with a vast array of spooky songs to choose from – a playlist for your party will not be hard to put together. From Michael Jackson, Addams Family, Scooby Doo, ghostbusters and the Rocky Horror Picture show – you have an amazing arrangement of floor fillers that will get your guests moving.

Halloween food:

This is the one time of the year when you can let your imagination go wild when it comes to food. All colours, textures and flavours are allowed (and encouraged!) and the more they are mixed – the better! Over the years I have seen some amazing inventions, here are some of my favourite. Why not give them a try! Spider cupcakes – drawing the legs out from the centre make these delicious and very simple to do. Eyeball cake-pops – who doesn’t want to bite into an eyeball?!?!?! Strawberry/ Raspberry jelly filled with Halloween sweets for a fantastic mix of colours and textures for the children (and grown-ups) to enjoy. Also – a fun thing to do is to simply rename everyday foodstuffs with a spooky name – it might just make your guests question before they take a bite!

I hope you all have a spook-tacular Halloween and if you are having a party and want a fantastic Halloween themed party for the children – why not get in touch. Happy Halloween!

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