We are extremely proud of our 4-7 years party offering, all of the party games, story-telling and activities have been devised and selected after years of experience entertaining children across London and Surrey.

All of our actors are trained extensively in our unique approach to party entertainment – meaning that we can guarantee the quality of every single party that we deliver. Our actors bring along with them a theatrical backdrop (to set the scene), high quality sound equipment and a range of props and select costume bits to bring any theme to life. This blog will explain in further details exactly what you can expect when you book a Playhouse signature party…

Your actor will arrive 30 minutes before the party is due to start and will begin setting up their backdrop, sound system and equipment – this is a perfect time for the birthday child or children to get acquainted to your entertainer to ensure they have the best time. Our actors are dressed as modern story-tellers and will deliver your chosen theme using props, costume and story-telling. We find this eradicates the problem of having a specific character that either the boys or girls may not respond to – but it gives you the birthday child the freedom to explore their favourite theme in a fun, vibrant and exciting way.

Once it is party time – we will begin with a meet and greet for all your guests, this takes roughly 10 minutes (I am sure you know that getting 30 children and their parents anywhere on time is mission impossible – so this covers that time). Once the guests are in and settled it is time for introductions and a crowd warm-up, then it is story-time. All of the guests will be initiated into the story-tellers guild with a fun call and response rhyme – once they are initiated our themed adventure will now begin. For 2018 we have written a show about a character (Pirate/ Princess/ Superhero/ Your chosen theme) who has forgotten how to party (SHOCK – HORROR!!). It is the job of the birthday child and their friends to show our story-book character exactly how to party. Your entertainer will then whisk the children off on an adventure exploring your theme with a range of high energy dance/ drama and party games – full of comedy and prizes for all.

Throughout the party our birthday child will take centre stage and along with the help of their friends will save the day and have a jolly good time doing so! All of our games are contemporary, fun and fully inclusive – there really is something for everyone. Once we have learnt exactly how to party we will finish our celebrations off with a flurry of excitement with a mini disco. Final prizes and the birthday child gift is then given out and the children will go home suitably exhausted (You are welcome grown-ups!!).

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to our signature party. If you an enquiry or more questions then please do get in touch.

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