How is it almost Easter…already???? I am not entirely sure either but as it is fast approaching why not take a look at what we recommend doing with the children over the Easter break. All of the activities below are suitable for a wide range of ages and interests and are perfect for getting the whole family involved. Our focus is the great outdoors and having fun as a family with a range of very simple activities.

Flower spotting:

This is a perfect activity to get the whole family actually taking a look at Spring and all the colour it has to offer. I always start this game off at home – before you leave for your walk take a piece of paper and either colour in/ find things that are colourful and attach them to your piece of paper. Our aim for this game is to find a flower/ plant or tree that matches the colours on your sheet – the first person to spot them all is the winner. This is a perfect way to teach your children about Spring and all the beautiful nature we have in Britain.

Den building:

At the end of Autmn/ beginning of Spring there is such a fantastic array of materials on the ground – certainly enough to relive your childhood and build a den (with a secret password – obviously)! Such a great family activity that gets children foraging in nature, being creative with their ideas and building skills and working together as a team. With the weather warming up (please ignore the snow outside your window – if you still have some) it is a great time of year to get out and about and explore the beautiful forests and parks that we have here.

Arts and Crafts:

Inevitably we will have some “April showers” during Easter so you need to plan for this too – this is where you can get really creative in the comfort and warmth of your own home. There is so much you can do when it comes to Easter arts and crafts; Easter cards, Egg decorating, Bonnet making/ decorating and Basket making/ decorating. Why not have a family competition – who has the best Bonnet or Basket? You can make this an experience for the whole family – where creativity and having fun are at the very core.

Easter egg hunt:

No Easter holiday would be complete without your very own Easter egg hunt – this can be very easily achieved within your home/ garden. If you prefer (and are brave enough) then you can simply hide dozens of eggs in the designated area and then give the children free rein to discover and devour as many as they like – however if you wanted to keep it a little more controlled you can write the children clues/ riddles that they must solve that lead them to each hiding place. Either way will work perfectly fine and the children will enjoy it regardless – they get to find chocolate after all. If you wanted to control the amount of chocolate they find – you can simply hide colourful plastic/ wooden eggs that they have to collect and once they have found them all they can trade them in with you for a designated amount of actual chocolate ones – that way it is the fun of the hunt without the massive sugar intake afterwards!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my latest blog and it has inspired you to get creative this Easter – if it hasn’t, that is perfectly fine too as here at Playhouse Parties we have a fantastic range of Easter themed Parties and shows available for you to book! 😉 Covering Surrey, London and Hampshire – we can come and do all the hard work for you!


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