Whilst enjoying a forest walk – it got me thinking about the world that Beatrix Potter created and populated with some of the most loved characters in children’s literature – Peter Rabbit and his friends. Filled with such amazing characters it is easy to see why I think that it is a fantastic theme for a children’s birthday party, in particular for children aged 1-3.

Using our range of props, our Early years Peter Rabbit inspired show, is the perfect party for children. Throughout the party we explore the world of Peter, his friends and of course Mr Mcgregor, the children are encouraged to use our musical instruments, soft toys and colourful scarves to engage with the party. All of the activities that include story-telling, dance/ party games and magic are fully themed to Peter Rabbit as we discover exactly how Peter and his friends like to party.

Our Peter Rabbit inspired party follows the story of the time that Peter and his friends had to throw a birthday party without Mr Mcgregor hearing or seeing anything – will the children be able to complete their mission and have the best party?

Peter Rabbit is such a fantastic theme and it can be easily spread through the rest of the party – things like books for your party bag gifts, fantastic themed/ colour matched tableware and balloons. Who knows, you may even get the children to eat one or two of Mr Mcgregor’s vegetables?!?!?!?! (That may be one step too far).

Not only does it make an excellent party but it is something that you can take away with you and help your little one discover the world of Peter Rabbit by reading the books when you get home and of course you can go and see the brand new Peter Rabbit movie too.

Thanks for reading and we would love to host a Peter Rabbit inspired party just for you – why not give us a call on 01252 447243 to discuss further.

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