Playhouse Parties offer parties for all ages and abilities and one of the cutest parties we have is for children of a Pre-school age. Children at this age are exploring, learning and growing all the time and our show is full of sensory, tactile and fun activities for them to join in with.

At this age it is very important that the tone and energy is correct – that is why all of our Actor’s are trained to engage even the youngest of audience members. Parties at this age can be very daunting so we work hard to make sure all children are comfortable and can join in however they like. What I like most about this party is that the Adults can get involved and play, sing and dance with their little one’s throughout the party.

Using a range of sensory, tactile and colourful props we facilitate a fantastic range of games, singing, story-telling and magic. Knowing that our young audience has a shorter attention span means that we have lots of activities that lead into one and other, making sure that the children stay engaged throughout.

Our Early Years party package is the perfect blend of Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Songs, Dancing, Bubbles, Magic and Fun. We can also tailor your party to you – giving you a range of Nursery Rhymes and Story-books to choose from so we can make your little one’s day that bit more personal and special.

Get in touch for more information as to how we can make your 1st Birthday, 2nd Birthday and 3rd Birthday extra special.

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