Theatre Party package

Theatre is at the very core of all we do here at Playhouse and our Theatre party package is one of my favourites. It gives your children a chance to experience a professional piece of theatre in a relaxed and comfortable environment with all of their friends and family present.

Our 3 actors will bring with them a full set, stunning costumes, props and deliver a fully interactive theatre show (we have Robin Hood and Peter Pan available to book currently), once set up they can then start spreading the magic with our fun, energetic and engaging meet and greet session. Once all the guests have arrived we can then start the show – all of our shows are written with children in mind and they are filled with songs, comedy, audience participation – all presented in an original script. Throughout the show, the children (and grown-ups) are invited to join in and help our heroes save the day.

After the show has finished, it is a perfect time to have some food and drink. Our actors can help throughout lunch and will also facilitate the birthday cake singing for you. After the break it is a perfect time to have a games and magic section with the actors. By this time the children will have their favourite character’s from the show and will love having the opportunity to party with them. We can fully theme and games, magic and activities that we host in this section if you prefer.

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