Ever since I was young – live theatre was always the thing I looked forward to at school. Having grown up I now realise just how important it is to have theatre performances in schools. With my son attending an Autism school it was the next natural step to me creating theatre shows suitable for children with special needs – which is exactly what I did.

Over the last 5 years we have produced a Christmas Pantomime that has been written, devised and produced purely for children with a range of special needs. Where our show comes into it’s own is the fact it appeals to such a broad range of children – from MLD all the way through to PMLD, there is something for everyone in our show.

This year Playhouse Parties are very proud to be presenting “Robin Hood”. Our adventure through Sherwood Forest is engaging, interactive and fully accessible to all. Both children and adults will have a fantastic time with our show. Using tactile and interactive experiences for the children, they will be able to enjoy the adventure in a way that is specific to them, alongside with the actors signing throughout and excellent preparatory work – your children will be able to enjoy a live theatre experience in their very own school. We can perform in our local area of Surrey, London and also further afield and nationally.

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