Throwing your child’s birthday party can be stressful – to say the least! As a parent you are expected to know where to hold the party, what food to serve, where to get the cake from, which kids entertainer to use and that’s not even mentioning party bags or managing the guest list! It can be an absolute minefield making sure you throw the best kids birthday party ever – we will look at the key elements of any birthday party and offer some advice on each of these!


Where you host your party has a massive impact on how it turns out. Home parties can be great (particularly for logistics and budget) but bear in mind that the children will be very familiar and comfortable in their own home and that can lead to the children being distracted by their play room or the apparatus in the garden – this can make it tricky to keep all the children engaged in your planned activities. Choosing a venue takes work too – chatting to friends and family about local halls/ rooms is the best way as that gives you a personal insight into hiring the hall. Otherwise spending some time on the internet will give you lots of local options to suit your party. When booking a hall take into consideration the size and your number of guests – you don’t want a space to be too small or too large.


Feeding 30 children at a designated time is a daunting task – why not make it a little bit easier by making/ ordering food boxes. They are a simple and easy way to feed the children quickly. You can easily label each box and it’s contents – meaning that any children with allergies can be served their food without any chance of them eating something they shouldn’t. Within the boxes you can also theme the food by cutting the sandwiches into relevant shapes, serving snacks within the colour scheme and making labels for each element to tie into the theme too. Whilst food boxes can be great – a traditional buffet still works amazingly well too.


Your cake is very important and their are a lot of bakers out there – again finding a local baker that a friend or family member has previously used is your best bet. If not – get back on the internet and start searching. You have to decide what kind of cake you want and the level of detail required – keep in mind the number of children (and adults) you are needing to feed, and don’t forget about saving a small portion to take home for you and the family to enjoy for 2-3 days after the party. Party bags and fillers can be found online very easily – if you were looking for something a bit different then there are companies that will make you a fabric bag that can be designed specifically for your party. This acts as a keepsake from the party (as well as the contents) it is also much better for the environment as they are re-usable.


Again – there is a lot of choice out there but (although, I am a little bit biased) I believe Playhouse Parties entertainers and packages to be among the best in the industry. You need to choose a package and a company that suits your party and children – with a fantastic range of activities and parties available you are spoilt for choice. Again, if you can find a company that friend has used and was happy with that is a good start – if you can’t find one then the internet is the best place. I would advise to do as much research on any company as possible, read reviews, check out their website and speak to them – you will always get a feeling on the phone if that company is right for you.

I hope this blog has given you a starting point for each of the key elements. Good luck with your forthcoming party and please do give us a call for your children;’s entertainment needs.

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